Beschikbare parameters binnen macro definities

Algemene Parameters


Directory executables


Windows directory (c:\windows)


Windows temporary directory (c:\windows\temp)


JAdmin.exe's temporary directory (c:\windows\temp\12345678.tmp)


JoPPS.INI filename (c:\joppswin\jopps.ini)


JoPPS Help directory (c:\joppswin\hlp)


JoPPS main databases directory (c:\joppswin\dbf)


Database gerelateerde parameters


Setting path DBx files


Setting path project files


Setting path DXF CAD files


Setting path DXF DRW files


Setting path DATA files


Setting path result report files


Setting path report template files (Data Reporter)


Setting path TXT files


Setting path output files


Setting path HTML output files


Current database name


Current databse ID


Current selected user


Current value of automatic project counter

Datum en tijd gerelateerde parameters


Current time as string (according to regional settings)


Current date as string (according to regional settings)


Day of the week (1=Monday till 7=Sunday)

%DAY% or %DOY%

Day of the year

%WEEK% or %WOY%

Week of the year






Year (4-digit)


Year (2-digit)







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